We are Federal Benefits Specialists working exclusively with federal employees, their families and agencies. We are committed to ensuring federal employees receive thorough and accurate education on all aspects of their benefits program throughout all phases of their career.

Furthermore, we are driven by a conscious effort to do our very best for any federal agency or individual employee that utilizes our service and we take great pride in always doing the very best we can with whomever we work.

If you are an agency manager, benefits coordinator, HR employee, union president or steward and are interested learning more about our workshop Federal Retirement 360© click here.

This best in class interactive workshop can be conducted live and onsite in your agency or even via webinar. The workshop is concise, can be customized to your agency or chapter’s needs, and will empower your employees or members with the information they need to maximize their current benefits and prepare for a secure retirement. Additionally, to enhance the workshop experience, all attendees are entitled to receive a complementary personalized Federal Retirement Report©.  To download our company brochure Click here.